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Paver Sealing To Help Fishers Keep Their Hardscaped Surfaces Looking Great

Paver Sealing & Maintenance

Professional paver sealing by Norman's Lawn Maintenance, LLC is the smart, cost-efficient way to get the most use out of your Fishers property's pavers, patios, and walkways by protecting them from the elements and organisms that greatly speed up their decay.

Concrete pavers are extremely porous, and those pores are a natural part of the curing process of the concrete as the water evaporates out, but over time, rain carries dirt, mulch, and other contaminants into the concrete through those pores making it look dirty, and those small pockets offer organic organisms like mold, fungus, and algae a place to put down roots and grow.

Professional paver sealing by the pros at Norman's Lawn Maintenance, LLC protects your pavers, patios, driveways, and sidewalks and can add decades of more easily maintainable, useable life to your Sparing Hill property's flat surfaces.

Brick & Stone Paver Sealant Application

Our paver sealing process is like a coat of armor for concrete, brick, and stone pavers and concrete surfaces of all kinds. Our paver sealing process applies a coating to the surface so it also seeps partway into its pores, cracks, and crevices.

Once the sealer finishes curing, it becomes a waterproof barrier, deterring cracking, and, as an added bonus, the water resistance also greatly improves resistance to oil, fluid spills, and stains.

Paver Sealing Preserves

Like amber that encases and preserves fossils for millions of years, professional paver sealing encases and preserves the surfaces you seal with it. Keeping water out of your pavers, concrete, and masonry is essential to protecting it from early decay and deterioration, and the paver installation and sealing technicians at Norman's Lawn Maintenance, LLC are thoroughly trained to use the right sealant for the right application and are skilled at properly applying that sealant to each individual surface to achieve the maximum protection possible.

We're number one when it comes to hardscaping in Fishers home and business owners, and we're the leader in preserving creating and maintaining exterior surfaces with our affordable professional paver sealing service.

Frequently Asked Paver Sealing Questions.

The basic concept is simple: seal concrete surfaces and pavers to protect them from the elements, but the devil is in the details when it comes to paver sealing science. Norman's Lawn Maintenance, LLC understands the science and is the local authority on concrete and paver sealing, so here are a couple of answers to the questions we hear most.

Since sealing forms a protective coating over surfaces, it would aid in keeping the surface clean and would help it last longer, but you should take into account the amount of texture you want on your pool deck surface in regards to reducing slips and falls, and weigh the effect that sealing may have on textured pool decks. A thinner coating of sealant might strike a better balance between preservation and safety.

It is recommended to reseal your pavers or concrete surfaces at intervals ranging from every five years to every year, depending on conditions in the area and the amount of use and abuse. If your pavers or concrete surfaces are subject to more sea salt and humidity or are in shady, wet areas that promote organic growth, annual resealing may be a good rule of thumb.

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