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My yard needs help...

Taking care of a lawn is no easy task. Between fighting the weeds, feeding the good grass and then repairing damaged areas, it can feel like a lot. So what can YOU do with a high quality lawn care partner?

This project is a perfect example of what we can do. On this yard, we removed two existing flower beds. These beds were full of grasses, lilies, and other perennials. There was a layer of river rock below the mulch too. We dug it out, hauled it away, added fresh top soil, new seed and covered it with erosion control (straw mat) which will protect that seed and prevent the soil and seed from washing away with spring rains. Soon, this customer won't even know there used to be beds there.

This area will need to be avoided and protected for a while. It's not a pretty process but it's worth it. The grass will have to grow up long before cutting. The rest of the yard will get weed control and fertilizer to create a healthy lawn.

Sound like something you want too? Let's talk about your lawn today! #lawncare #yard #yardredesign #application #weedcontrol #fertilization #grading #dirtwork

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