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What's coming up for Norman's?

We Norman's don't really do things half way. In fact, we are quite the opposite. Starting a business has exacerbated that quality in us. When we decided to start a business, we did so with big dreams and BIGGER goals. We didn't plan to stay a small side hustle. Oh! It was quite the opposite. In fact we want to change the culture and expectations around the green industry altogether.

There is a bad culture in the green industry where professionalism isn't even a thing. For years the industry gave up the ideas of high quality, professionalism, and excellence for quick cash Chuck with a truck. That has to change....for YOU....the customer! The customer suffers when we give in to anything other than the best in this profession. Your lawn and landscape provider should be on time, communicate (dare I say English as a first language) often, licensed, ensured, and above all DO AN EXCELLENT JOB! Nothing less! Period!

So for us at Norman's, that's how we operate. We are working to be a full lawn service provider, giving our customers the best. So tell your friends and make the switch yourself to Norman's!

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