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It's Mowing Season...

The spring rush is in full swing and the stripes are looking good. We get a lot of questions about mowing, getting stripes and how we make a yard look so good.

Here are a few tips that we use to get the lawn looking great!

  1. Maintenance: A great yard starts with great equipment. It's important to take the time to change oil, hydraulic fluid, and grease if applicable to your machine.

  2. Sharpen blades: We sharpen our blades every single week. Sharp blades create a sharp cut and prevents the tearing of grass which makes the grass look brown.

  3. Stripping kit: A simple rubber stripping kit goes a long way in creating beautiful stripes.

  4. Application Program: Weed control and fertilizer is the cherry on top to a beautiful yard. Having a good treatment program will keep weeds at bay and give the grass the food it needs to thrive.

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