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Mulch is OUT and Rock is IN!

It's rock time with the Kubota! We are getting a lot of requests to change out old mulch for new river rock or other colors. So how do we do it? And how do we do it right?

Rock jobs can be expensive but they can last and last! What makes us different?

First thing is to remove the bulk or excess materials from the bed. That could be old mulch, dirt or sunk in rock. You want to remove enough to leave room for what is going in. The next thing is a thick landscape fabric. This is NOT just a weed barrier. Yes it can delay weed growth, but let's be honest, weeds will grow anywhere! Landscape fabric helps to prevent the rock from sinking deep into the earth and disappearing your investment.

We staple that down to secure it while we are installing the rock. We are careful around plants and often will hand shovel into hard to reach places. Save the plants!

After all that rock is in, we rake it out smooth, making sure there isn't holes or gaps. A nice rinse with the hose will reveal beautiful rock and a landscape transformation that will make you proud! (yes rock comes dirty and dusty and needs a bath to shine).

Got a project that Norman's can help with? Contact us for a free quote and let's make your landscaping look its best. #normanlawnllc #landscaping #rock #rockinstall #landscapedesign #redesign

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