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Starting a Lawn Blog..?

This was not on my list of things to do. A blog? Really? Yep, so here we go! This season is nothing short of the evidence of the grace of God in our lives. Our business is growing, challenges have risen, but we have kept on. As we keep a culture of continuous improvement at Norman's, a blog is a practical area that can help our business grow. So what are we going to talk about here? Well, in short a little bit of everything. We hope to give fun updates on what we are doing, insight into who we are, and educate you on all things lawn and landscape. So for now, let's start with an introduction of us - The Norman's.

Matt, Ashley, Jakin and Ellie. We've been in Hancock county our whole life and have had a range of educational and employment experiences. Matt, a Mechanical Engineer, former Quality engineer and Pastor, has a heart for people and doing anything in an exceptional way. Ashley, a masters level clinical addiction counselor, has worked in HR, corporate bank training, and employee relations, also has a heart for people and leading something different that makes a difference. So how does lawn care make a difference? That's where this comes in. We started Norman's Lawn Maintenance in 2021 at the whole hearted belief that the Lord was leading us to own and operate our own business. So we said YES! So we can make a difference by doing business different in this industry. It means we will be honest and open. We won't be able to take every job we quote, but we will be honest and tell you if we can't. Where other companies will just ignore you, we will have the hard conversation. We can make a difference by doing high quality work, every time! At the end of the day, we want to stand out by not taking shortcuts. We hope we get the opportunity to show you.

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