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Still Landscaping!

It's been a busy season already and we are still landscaping! We love landscaping! Mulch & rock! New beds, old beds, all the beds!

If you've been thinking about a landscaping project, it's not too late. We can do landscaping all year long. There are a lot of benefits to both mulch and rock and a lot of it depends on the taste of the customer.

You should get mulch if:

• You are looking for a lower cost option.

• You like to maintenance your flower beds.

• You have plants that get grumpy with high heat.

• You mulch yearly or every other year at a minimum.

You should get rock if:

• You have a higher landscaping budget.

• You hate to work in your flower beds and just want to spot spray.

• Have well established plants that won't get burnt.

• In general want a lower maintenance option.

Either way you go, Norman's is your #1 choice for high quality landscaping!

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