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Lawn Care Service in Geist: Fall Clean Up Done Right

Lawn Care Service in Geist: Fall Clean Up Done Right

What is a lawn care service that is often over looked? Fall Clean Ups!

Not all fall clean ups are the same. This clean up in Geist located in Admirals Bay was completed last week. If you are looking for leaves to be collected, bushes/shrubs trimmed, and even some tear out and haul away then Norman's is your company. What all can be completed in a fall clean up? Services can include leaf mulching, leaf collection, shrub trimming, stick haul away, bed tear outs, new mulch/compost installation, and cutting down of spent flowers. Flowers like day lilies, sedum, grasses, hosta, and more need to be cut down at the end of the season. But don't touch the hydrangea! They like to wait until February/early March for their pruning.

We provide exceptional fall/winter clean up services to save you money! Clean ups are important because they allow for more air movement throughout the winter, remove debris that can cause mold, and allow for a better spring bloom. Clean ups prevent a frustrating spring clean up and keep your property looking its best.

Service provided: Lawn Care Services

Budget: 1200

Location: Geist, IN

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